Great to see many on the lake… having fun through 95% of July until cold moved in…… .,         ,,,is it fall again…

Seemed like an  abnormally  wet July 2020 with 108.8 mm of rain.   2019…  20 mm   2018  had 83.4 mm .   June even had 143 mm  according to  stats.  Did I read it wrong?

Had a few warm days,,34 C, ish,,,,however 1978 it was 37.2.  HOT... Don’t like the heat… good thing not  cottaging in southern USA probably  tickin under 40C most days,

Good nights sleep at 11C..

Lake level is close to its normal level (You can verify this as it is just under shore  tree line..the last line of defence…(not cypress trees, they don’t grow up here).   So….Brandy Lake has had several external events over several decades…that have caused flood levels….if a cottager happen to move here during one of the events…..you would assume this is low.

For many years, the entire 5 ish meters of flat rock underneath this point was  …..a hang out.   It changed when  the 118 bridge was moved and the engineers raised the  base  or bottom ..under the bridge….higher.








Crappie… CRAP

It is possible others have seen the new “Crappie” fish to invade Brandy Lake….I saw my first one yesterday May 17 out front…hooked by a proud fisherman..

To me..it looked like a Sunfish on steroids.   It is considered an invasive species as it reproduces quickly and compete with walleye for food. They are voracious eaters.

Get this ..the MNR , in about 2012 stocked three lakes in Muskoka .namely…Prospect Lake, near Vankoughnet, and Morrison and Muldrew lakes in Gravenhurst.  Why did they……to improve the fish eco system..giving fisherman more types fish to catch in winter???

I think the last thing that messed up this area..was when they  dumped zillions of huge black looking flies to eat the caterpillars…that was a great summer..waves of flies so big almost knocked us off our docks!

So this is my personal opinion …WHAT WERE THEY THINKING…..you can’t change one thing in nature (or racing) with out affecting another.    Our poor Walleye (and ducks) have already been heavily impacted by vicious Pike.. ..

Pike were introduced in about the last two decades..,,(most likely bait release)

So…Crappie will be under your docks and dark places usually in big schools.   They taste good ..so catch lots of the 25 CM thieves .

Invasive Species

Black Crappie


Nice to see so many …looks..here..waiting I guess..

Well ..hello…lets get going again..check you docks…one is floating in …Launch Bay…and one in Falkenberg Bay…..they will soon be heading for the bridge…
Water seems to have reached its peak around April 3, 2020 and is on its way down from flood levels..


MUST READ ….Muskoka Flood Facts

I would like to thank  Kelly Fallis CEO  of rsmuskoka.com for granting us permission to use his link below my words. Click Muskoka Flood Facts

After weeks of digging….well I have not seen today’s news….but Mr Ford may be bringing it up…Without Prejudice ..I believe the Muskoka River Water Management Plan”, was up for renewal 2006.  At that time I am highly suspicious  liberal gov’t decided ..not to bother and rubber stamped it.  .If you like the following ..highlights… free to read April 23 synopsis.

  • The MNR controls the Lake Level using the following formula
  1. If the snow water content is >25% above normal on March 15 on the North Branch of the Muskoka River, lakes controlled by MNR will be lowered to the bottom of the Normal Operating Zone (NOZ).
  2. If snow pack water content is >50% above normal on March 15 on the South Branch of the Muskoka River, lakes controlled by MNR will be lowered to the bottom of the NOZ.
  3. If snow pack water content is >100% above normal on April 1 on both branches of the Muskoka River, lakes controlled by MNR will be lowered to the bottom of the LOZ (red line).