I still think the beer cans screwed to a board ranks as #1

The note  below from a concerned cottage is a pretty close 2nd.   The amount of effort they had to go through to “fix it” is one families  concern for environment

Just to inform fellow cottagers that recently some wanker left a very heavy box of garbage at the corner of Falkenburg and Brackenrig Roads.

It consists of paint cans,  paint brushes, rebar,  plastic sheeting etc.

Of course, the local waste management company would not dispose of it.

I went to the Town Offices in Port Carling, and spoke to Public Works. They informed me that they would come and take it away for me. Not sure if they have, since I haven’t been there in over a week.

It’s so disappointing that people would do this. Just to let you (me ..web guy) know, and our neighbours.

Stupid 1 Revisited:


Seriously…Is This a Dumb Move


So…this floated up on my shore…but this type of stuff happening  over a wide range of venues  anymore…

Simply no common sense thinking!!

OK….weekend skier maybe would see it…..but some of us cut the wake at a high rate of speed…not looking for killer items in water..

What about kids on tubes ..driver doing a good job for fun…kids have no chance to avoid…a potential death blow


Return of Muskoka Passenger Rail .. Have Your Say

Have Your Say! Survey Supporting Return of Passenger Rail Services to Northeastern Ontario

Information Sent To Me....see survey below 

DID YOU KNOW? 51% of passengers riding the train on the north/south line before it was cancelled in 2012 got on or off the train south of North Bay.

Transportation to and from Muskoka is important for several reasons:

  • Our population more than triples with seasonal property owners – resulting in more congestion on our highways.
  • Imagine if we  invited our family and friends to come by train? Particularly interesting if Ontario Northland connects with the GO service and the rest of the GTHA.
  • Imagine if they could come up after work Friday and return Sunday evening?
  • The reality of living in Muskoka with good internet service provides an option to commuting to Toronto for employment.
  • Visitors from around the world could come by train – a very common mode of transportation in other countries.
  • Best of all – you may be able to avoid the 400 parking lot!


To serve BOTH our residents and visitors with sustainable year round travel north and south.

Restoring passenger trains to service Muskoka and points north will provide huge benefits:

  • Access to many more patrons;
  • Scenic rides attracting more tourists;
  • Reduce carbon emissions – rail produces 10 times less than road, 20 times less than air;
  • Safe, reliable service during inclement weather and traffic accidents (road closures);
  • Ease of use for those with physical and/or financial constraints;
  • Relief from increased fuel costs – less wear and tear on roads;
  • Less tiring and more comfortable than other means.

View this clip  April 21, 2019 CTV  Rail Service 

I may be contacted at 705-783-1924 or

Lucille Frith Co-Chair NEORN and CPMRT



Since 2006

OK..last post on this topic…

.” General  Quote from video ” Premier Ford promising over next 7 days to discuss the Muskoka River Water Management Plan which, is suggested.., controls Muskoka  Lakes over 200 kilometers or watershed and will discuss a plan to better control water levels



MUST READ ….Muskoka Flood Facts

I would like to thank  Kelly Fallis CEO  of for granting us permission to use his link below my words. Click Muskoka Flood Facts

After weeks of digging….well I have not seen today’s news….but Mr Ford may be bringing it up…Without Prejudice ..I believe the Muskoka River Water Management Plan”, was up for renewal 2006.  At that time I am highly suspicious  liberal gov’t decided ..not to bother and rubber stamped it.  .If you like the following ..highlights… free to read April 23 synopsis.

  • The MNR controls the Lake Level using the following formula
  1. If the snow water content is >25% above normal on March 15 on the North Branch of the Muskoka River, lakes controlled by MNR will be lowered to the bottom of the Normal Operating Zone (NOZ).
  2. If snow pack water content is >50% above normal on March 15 on the South Branch of the Muskoka River, lakes controlled by MNR will be lowered to the bottom of the NOZ.
  3. If snow pack water content is >100% above normal on April 1 on both branches of the Muskoka River, lakes controlled by MNR will be lowered to the bottom of the LOZ (red line).