WATT…A New Direction

Well..who has wandered around..checking out the new LED bulbs..trying to match one indicator …WATTS…,,to new ish codes on boxes.  Well me..so here is the NEW way to look

We need to look a 3 parameters:  



We can start off with brightness measured in Lumens.  Yup..the higher the lumen the brighter the bulb.  So 450 lm would be about the same as 40 WATT bulb up to 2600 lm which may be about 150 Watt bulb


Next..we can  look at colour feel of your room.   Choose this Kelvin number depending on what room..I would guess rec room really bright..living room a bit softer.  So…2700 to 3500 K soft yellow tone…then..3500K then a softer white of 3500K to 5000K.   The brightest being 5000k to 6500K


Next we look at Colour Rendering Index,,,this is used to bring out the real colours of an object.   Try a number in the mid to high 80s

A site with un-biased information would be..SAVE ENERGY